March For Our Live: Greensboro, North Carolina

On August 1st, 2018, New Yorkers Rise Up joined the March for our Lives Road to Change in Greensboro, North Carolina. The day started off with a tour of the International Civil Rights Museum. There, we saw the original Woolworth lunch counter, the site of civil rights-era sit-ins aimed at desegregating the store. Next, we watched the panel where students from the Road to Change tour and activists from the civil rights movement joined together to talk about activism and their experiences. After that, we went to a rally organized by the March for our Lives Greensboro group, where we listened to speeches from local activists. We also were able to talk to members from the Road to Change and students from Parkland, Florida. This experience allowed us to meet fellow activists not only from this time, but also from the civil rights movement. The next event we will be participating in is the Road to Change rally in Fairfax, Virginia, where we will march on the NRA!